Muze Layout Libraries: Base Layout

This library provides the starting point for other layout libraries. As such it doesn't do more than provide a basic template structure. Instead of adding features to this library that seem useful, first think if it the features are really generic and valid for all layouts. If not, you should probably create a seperate library for these features.

The template structure is as follows:

Each template is written so that it is easy to override them in a seperate library and use ar::callSuper() to get the original functionality. So if you need to add something to the head, e.g. jquery, write a new pobject::view.head.html template in your own library like this:

<script src=""></script>

Some templates, like pobject::view.head.title.html are meant to be completely replaced, so skip the ar::callSuper() call. In practice if you want to add functionality use ar::callSuper(), if you want to replace functionality don't use ar::callSuper(). In general you should always use ar::callSuper() with view.head.html, view.foot.html and view.content.modules.html.